Tipping the Scales

Session [number]

Beneath the Monistary

After breaching the initial defenses of the now captured dwarven monastery, [group name] proceeded into the tunnels beneath. There they met with a concerted defense in the form of Balista cres and Orogs. After a fight from which they emerged victorious, Nimue scouted ahead discovering the sole survivor of the monastery’s dwarven inhabitants being pummeled to death by an Anti-Paladin of Grumnsh. In an attempt to save his life she summoned a bear on top the Orog beginning what turned out to be the most harrowing fight [group name] had dealt with so far. After many near bushes with death they emerged victorious saving saved [whatever that dwarf’s name is] and were immediately led away towards “The Vents” which was isolated as the only other possible means of infiltration behind Warden’s Watch.



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