Natalie Fletcher

Former Sniper Wannabe

Natalie is pragmatic and has a somewhat dark since of humor. She always tries to find a neutral solution to a situation if she can. She sees the value in lying but hates being lied to because it makes her feel like the person finds her stupid. She prefers to let people come to their own conclusion as long as they have all the facts. While she understand why people get into religion, and completely understands the value of clerics and the like, she does not openly worship any deity and respects the views of most of them, so long as they don’t try to push their views on her. She still holds an unconscious bias against women.

If given a situation, she usually tries to “do the right thing” but she can be swayed with an appropriate argument. She would rather have all the facts before she acts. Though she tries to act independent, she would really like to feel like she belongs somewhere, to feel like she is an important part of something.
Natalie is 24 years old and wears her long red hair in a braid to keep it out of her way. She is 5’10” and 120. Bright green eyes. Her feathered wings have a deep red color to them that almost matches her hair.

Natalie was born in the town of Dennovar to Vincent Fletcher, a wealthy and successful human merchant, and his Elven wife Justine. Though she loved and respected her mother, as it was her job as her daughter, Natalie had a hard time understanding the woman’s behavior. Nothing her father did seemed good enough for her mother and she was constantly belittling him and telling him to work harder. She seemed to only care for their family’s status and wealth. She hated the way her mother treated him and as a result grew up relating more to men than women, finding most women cruel, manipulating, and greedy. She knew there must be exceptions to that rule because she wasn’t that way but she would always view girls with more prejudice.

Her father on the other hand adored her. He was always spending time with her. As time went on her mother became jealous of Natalie’s relationship with her father, convinced that she was “trying to steal him from her.” Though completely crazy and unfounded to pacify the woman her father had her sent to a boarding school. This is where she found her love of archery, the only thing she felt she was good at.
At fourteen her father died from illness and somehow her mother blamed her. After long months of awkwardness living in the house her mother told her she was sending her to a special school. She did not know where it was; she slept as she traveled there. The old looking mansion sat looking almost forgotten deep in the woods. There were several other children there of all ages and races.
It did not take long to learn that this was not a school. This was a place where people sent orphaned and unwanted children that they never wanted to see again. The adults there were using the children to experiment with the creation of strange creatures. None of the children had anywhere to go so few tried to escape. The punishment for those that did was enough to curb the terrified children who may have been thinking about it.
Natalie was there for three years, the experiments were terrifying and painful but she held on. They were trying to create creatures that were stronger than them. They would get their wish. The strongest was the people in charge was the one who owned the building. He was always away so they only had to plan their escape for when he was out. The rest of the adults weren’t much of a threat. She got all of the others out in the middle of the night while the adults were sleeping and set the mansion ablaze. They fled to the nearest town they could find. If any survived the fire, she didn’t know, but after news spread of the mansion she knew the man who had kept them there couldn’t come after them without revealing what he had done. Her friends were safe.
She learned that her mother had been killed in an attack on a trade caravan. It was just as well, her mother didn’t want her anyway.
Most of the children from the house found homes but a few were either too old or too strange. Five of them lived in a small group. They seemed happy enough for a while, each of them keeping a job to support the others, but when Natalie started practicing the magic that had come natural to her since the experiments, many of group grew distant from her. They had all grown to hate magic where she could see the practicality of it. Even her best friend, and Elven boy that had arrived around the same time she had at the mansion, treated her like the people that had kept them there. Eventually she couldn’t take the coldness of her once called friends and left to find someplace else.
So many of the children had grown bitter from their experiences but she chooses to see the brighter side of life. She was alive, and stronger than she ever would have been on her own. She didn’t think that what those people had done was right, but she could understand what they were trying to do.
She eventually returned to Dennovar. She offers her help in escorting trade caravans because it reminds her of her father.
Natalie was killed in an orc ambush.

Natalie Fletcher

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